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Thank you once again for what was the most in depth interview I have given on my ideas on the future of healthcare and beyond.-  James "Butch"Rosser, MD, FACS, General Surgeon - Celebration Health, Florida Hospital. Keynote speaker at the American Telemedicine Association 2012 conference.

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Thank you for your generosity in compiling and sharing the most enlightening discussion on the current issues in telemedicine.  Your panel of speakers are pioneers and leaders in this field, and their views and assessment of the technology and their impact on health outcomes are invaluable to anyone interested in this field. - Azimah Pilus, MD

The interviews cover a broad range of individuals with expertise in many different aspects of telemedicine (licensure/working across state boundaries, legislation, billing/coding, etc.) and with professional backgrounds covering entrepreneurship, private practice, and academic medicine. - Uzma Sharif, MD


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A must read for both the novice and the experienced involved in telemedicine. Desai clearly and succinctly articulates the key points that every telehealth program should follow point by point. His experience, knowledge and analysis display an outstanding insight into how a successful telemedicine program or network should work. - Herb Rogove, CEO - C3O Telemedicine

Our team enjoys receiving the Hands On Telehealth newsletter to keep up to date on important issues and hear insightful opinions from industry experts. - Mark Treat, CEO – Nalari Health

I wish to express my appreciation and admiration for your exacting support of telemedicine, and its advent in the healthcare marketplace. Your consistent, well-received publications noting the efficiencies and benefits of telemedicine, can only serve to broaden both the appeal and deployment of telemedicine in the United States. You have the support and good wishes of the entire US Tele-Medicine team.-  Jacques von Speyer, Chairman – CEO, US Tele-Medicine


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Our latest video interview:



Dr. Joseph Kvedar,
Founder and Director, Center for Connected Health
Partners HealthCare



  • Connected Health
  • Patient Engagement
  • Past President – American Telemedicine Association

Dr. Joseph Kvedar founded the Center for Connected Health over 18 years ago. He and his team are doing incredible work in leveraging technology to help providers and patients manage chronic conditions, maintain health and wellness, and improve adherence, engagement and outcomes.

He is a practicing physician, speaker, peer-reviewed author, innovator, and past President of the American Telemedicine Association.

In this interview, Dr. Kvedar talks in depth about his findings on what works in patient engagement and personalized medicine, where the greatest opportunities are to create commercial and clinical value, and even his personal strategies for success.